Monday, May 5, 2008

Coffee !!!!!! :)

Coffee , sounds Refreshing !:P .

Coffee is one thing which i cant live without, at least twice a day. Thats the drink which wakes me , refreshes me every morning . I cant think of doing anything with out the drink of the day .I wonder how many people are Coffee freak like me ! I know i am addicted to it :) .

Some times when i miss eating breakfast and its just fine for me , but not Coffee. I wont be comfortable if i miss my drink. And i hate instant coffee which is not made of coffee syrup milk. Some times in office when milk gets over , i prefer eating a fried Coffee Bean, get the damn taste on my tongue instead of drinking "Bru".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

" Nodi swaami Naaviriodhu heege "


Yes , Nodi swaami naanirodhu heege :) . I hope i will update the blogs frequently. ok , this is my blog and it will have what i want ! About me , asusual i am S/w engg oops a senior s/w engg working for a Product Dev company in Bangalore. Ppl say i talk a lot, so hoping i will blog a lot too . I am a coffee freak . I love to get drenched in rain . I trek sometimes .

My blogs will be as small as possible , at least in the beginning. I still need to learn a lot , how to insert pictures , videos , links in blog .

Okie , time up ! Will update the rest asap .